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If You Are A Landowner, Facility Manager or Site Operator Our Drone Surveys Will Help You Get The Data You Need First Time.

Maybe you’ve seen some of your hard earned work fall flat on its face, as your project falls flat due to poor quality mapping or reporting.

You’ve probably experienced, being left out in the cold facing the cold harsh realities of a operator that has promised the world and just not delivered that data when they said they would, holding up the whole project.

It seems that nearly all of us in this business have experienced something like this from time to time. And truth be known, it’s at times like these that experience on the ground and in the air is what counts.

Self taught surveyors dumping best practice in one last desperate attempt to cut costs and win work. Leaving nearly every mission skating on thin ice and open to rejection without a second thought.

And therein lies the big problem, and why most end up between an inevitable rock and a hard place.

Somewhere in my experience, between the utter mad panic of schedules, rock bottom budgets and the ever increasing demands for supportive data. 

It's exactly why in my experience, something always has to give.

And when something has to give, the lowest price operator is usually given a shot. For most that means… the schedule stalls, the project stalls, the mission fails.

Which just goes to show that most of us working in this type of environment must do something different to produce this data to stop the project from collapsing like a house of cards.

That’s exactly why I want to have you consider the possibility that there is a NEW way for you to use a drone operator.

A new way that means you can remove worry of poor quality data, shoddy maps or project headaches.

Ultimately and possibly for the first time, a way to commission and obtain the data you need to support your project, a way that will get your project back on track with our technological approach.

So right now, if you are a landowner, project manager or facility owner and you are sick and tired of the shoddy data, sick and tired of being let down, sick and tired of poor quality operators scuppering your project.

Then I urge you to click on the button, get your instant  quote so we can talk about the data you need, when you need it and how ROAVR can add real value with no additional cost to your next aerial data mission.

our DRONE people!

Our team of operators bring a unique approach to all the projects we are involved with.  

ROAVR have many repeat clients in the drone survey space.  These clients geographically range from businesses in central London to The Scottish Highlands. 

ROAVR remain the first choice to deliver drone surveys swiftly and professionally across the U.K.

Our operators have many years experience in their professional fields.  

OUR zoom camera capability.
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Alan ReedAlan Reed
14:22 18 Dec 21
I needed a tree survey carried out quickly after one of my mature trees blew down in a storm. ROAVR responded promptly and professionally quickly identifying dangerous trees and giving reassurance about those that weren’t. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
A CampbellA Campbell
11:53 07 Dec 21
Very good. Competitive pricing was my initial reason to go with Roavr, but they did a really good job and v. thorough. Plus, The reports were sent with a link to a video 'walk through' - where Peter talked (and scrolled) through the salient parts of the report .This was such a good way to present the report and made things really clear.Reason for a tree survey: Im a self builder putting in for planning for a holiday cabin on ground screws among some trees.
Bruce ThomasBruce Thomas
16:47 19 Nov 21
We have a Sycamore tree that has been causing issues with roots getting into the drains and it is very close to our house, as it had issues we were worried that it might come down and hit the back of the house, particularly after doing house renovations we didn't want this to happen. Matt was great at explaining what needed to be done, he communicated via text and email, completed the survey and as we live in a Conservation Area he applied to council for planning permission, a few tree surgeons said that they doubt that we would get planning permission but with Matt's report we did. I only wished that we had done this when we bought the house 2 years ago as we could of had our planning application in sooner
Giles LivingstoneGiles Livingstone
12:50 11 Nov 21
we needed an aboricultural survey for planning following a visit from the council tree officer. ROAVR provided a clear, quick and cost effective quote for their survey and reports. Survey was booked and carried out efficiently. Their report was issued promptly and after a bit of amendment and clarification of which trees needed what, was submitted to planning. yet to have tree officer comment but hoping all will be OK.
11:29 26 Oct 21
What great service! The survey was needed to satisfy a Planning Officers last-minute request, and the whole service provided by ROAVR group was tuned into helping us achieve what we were seeing... promptly, simply and thoroughly. This is the second time we have used this company and will certainly call them next time we need this specialist help.
Shah AktarShah Aktar
10:44 04 Oct 21
I am a planning agent and was looking for a tree survey because without the survey the planners cannot assess the impact of our extension proposal.Thanks to ROAVR we now have this report.Really liked the video message sent summarising the 29 page report highlighting the key areas. Thanks again Peter
Doug 1Doug 1
17:05 11 Mar 21
I can highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone looking for a professional and detailed tree survey and report. ROAVR came to our rescue with a very fast turn around which enabled us to achieve planning permission within our deadline. An experienced and very helpful company I would definitely use them again.
10:20 01 Feb 21
I highly recommend Roavr Environmental! They are polite, professional, knowledgeable and gets the work done speedily at an extremely high standard. Their after service is great and I am glad I chose them. Matt was an absolute star! Thank you for your services. :)
Mo DMo D
16:31 01 Jan 21
Very impressed with the service. I had approached about 3 consultancies before I discovered ROAVR. The others were not only dearer but were unable to deliver within the required timeline.As a layperson needing to challenge a subjective opinion of a local authority tree officer I needed a survey swiftly for planning purposes.ROAVR offered very good value ( cost 50% less), seemed to good to be true and provided a good quality survey within a short timeline.From the outset they were friendly, professional and helpful and listened to my needs and gave me an honest opinion. The initial free consultation was very helpful it deciding if was worthwhile proceeding.Received the report as promised and it met my expectations.I would recommend them to my friends and family.
Richard GeeRichard Gee
10:35 16 Dec 20
I am a planning consultant with many years experience, and am well used to working alongside tree professionals. I have been extremely impressed by the ROAVR team. They have been incredibly helpful in advising about a very sensitive tree matter and have provided clear and punchy guidance throughout in a very responsive and lucid manner. Their "video update links" are extremely helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. Top notch!
Paul murrencePaul murrence
11:05 29 Nov 20
We were having problems providing a good quality tree survey and method statement for the siting of a Forest School building. Matt and the team took these issues, produced a great tree survey, Arboricultural Implications Assessment & Method Statement, which allowed us to discharge the planning conditions and produce a tree protection plan.Thank you guys. Very helpful and professional service. Would highly recommend them.
Adrian BanksAdrian Banks
06:59 19 Nov 20
We needed planning permission to erect a car port next to our garage. We are in the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the oak next to the site is protected by a tree preservation order. ROAVR responded quickly and efficiently to our request for a tree report and was instrumental to our gaining planning permission. I would unhesitatingly recommend their services. Adrian Banks, Kent.

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Drone survey and inspection is a revolutionary technology that is revolutionising the way we gather data and inspect infrastructure.

With drones, it is now possible to quickly and efficiently survey large areas, capture high-resolution images and video, and gather valuable data that would be difficult or impossible to obtain using traditional methods.

One of the primary benefits of drone survey and inspection is the ability to access hard-to-reach or hazardous areas safely and efficiently.

Drones can fly into tight spaces, over rough terrain, and in extreme weather conditions, allowing engineers and technicians to collect data and perform inspections without putting themselves at risk.

In addition, drone survey and inspection can be completed much more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional methods. By using drones, companies can save time and money on travel, equipment rentals, and labor costs, making it an attractive option for a wide range of industries.

Drone survey and inspection is a powerful tool that is changing the way we gather data and perform inspections.

Whether you are a construction company looking to assess a new site, an engineering firm checking on the condition of a bridge, or a utility company inspecting power lines, drones can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.

All ROAVRs survey data is delivered through our bespoke customer portal - i-ROAVR.

Here's What People Say About Our DRONE Surveys

I am a facilities manager and was concerned about roof  damage on our clients sites; ROAVR deliver surveys for us to a high stand swiftly meaning our clients have their safety needs covered - highly recommended.

Sue P

Site Operatorr

I am a developer and ROAVR has provided us with a very professional service, keeping to appointment dates and by producing excellent reports which means we can proceed swiftly with our projects.




To get your drone survey simply request an instant online quote on this page, personalised for your project.  

Once you’ve accepted the quote we will get you booked in.  Once booked in, a drone team will come to your site and collect the physical data we need for onward processing or report production.

All of our surveyors are qualified drone pilots which means that on top of everything else we are experts in our field.  

Once the site visits are completed, the surveyor will produce your report and deliver the agreed data.  Imagery will be provided using a bespoke digital transfer system with a web link that can be shared with all project stakeholders.


ROAVR Provide all clients with a personal video walkthrough of your report.  This means that you can easily understand our technical reports and apply any changes instantly.

ROAVR provides incredible aerial imagery with all our reports.  This imagery helps all project stakeholders fully understands the constraints and opportunities the site presents.

UK Wide service - our drone teams operate nationwide from bases across the U.K.  We can assist with your entire portfolio meaning you no longer need to commision multiple operators, no travel time charged.

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Inspections carried out at height.

  • Removes the need to work at height
  • Quality actionable data
  • High resolution imagery
  • Fully repeatable


Awkward assets fully inspected.

  • Dropped objects search
  • Removes work at height
  • Actionable data
  • High resolution imagery
  • Fully repeatable


Detailed mapping provided of your land, asset or development site.

  • Topographical surveys
  • 3D mapping
  • Digital twins
  • High resolution imagery

YOur Next StepS ARE SimPLE

Step 1:
Get An Instant Quote

All you need to do is click the button below, answer a few simple questions and in less than 60-seconds you’ll get your personalized quote.

Step 2:
Get Booked In

If like most people your happy with the quote, then simply book a date and time to suit you.

Step 3:

3-7 Days after the site visit, you'll receive your data which means you can get your project back on track.


ROAVR Group, Marr House,

Beechwood Business Park,

Sir Walter Scott Drive, Inverness, IV2 3BW.

01463 667 302

Average Customer Rating on google!